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An asset investigation (asset search or asset check) is the locating of public records that confirm personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity.What is an asset search?An asset search uncovers the value and any potential liabilities that may be tied to a property. Asset investigations help individuals and companies satisfy their due diligence, settle personal injury cases, collect debt, and verify financial statements during a divorce or child support case.


How do I know if I need an asset investigation?

  • If you own a business, an asset check can reveal the state of a person or company’s assets and financial stability. If you work for a company or do business with someone, it is important to know the state of their assets. It is one of the only ways you can determine with certainty whether someone is financially trustworthy.

  • If you are owed money, an asset investigation can tell you whether it is worth it to go to court and get your money back. If someone claims they cannot pay, an asset investigation can confirm or deny this. If you want to go to small claims court or a collection agency, an asset investigation can determine how many collectible assets a person or business may have and where you stand in relation to other creditors suing the same debtor.

Types of Asset Investigations and What They Uncover

  • Corporate Asset Search

  • Real Estate and Deeds

  • Corporate Filings

  • Bankruptcies

  • Corporate Associates

  • Current Contact Information

  • A.K.A.s (also known as) or D.B.A.s (doing business as) of the Individual

Individual Asset Search

  • Available Mortgage Information

  • Judgments

  • Federal and State Tax Liens

  • Uniform Commercial Code Liens (UCC Filings)

  • Vehicle Registration

Other Types of Asset Searches

  • Liabilities (Judgements, Liens and Bankruptcy Search)

  • Criminal Records Search

Who Should Have an Asset Search Conducted?

  • Attorneys and Law Firms

  • Investors Buying or Merging with Other Businesses

  • Investigative Agencies

  • Creditors

  • Spouses Going Through Divorce

  • Civil Records Search

  • Missing Person Search

  • Businesses and Corporations

  • Hiring Committees or Human Resource Departments

  • Governmental Agencies

  • Individuals Who are Owed a Debt

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